Doesn't sound like much until you see how it can be applied.


RSS allows you to watch a feed from a Real Estate Agent's Web Site
which is updated automatically when any changes to their Listings occurs.

This means you can choose the Agent/Agents and Areas from within our Site
you want to monitor for new Listings, then be notified of changes automatically
without having to continually return to our Site or theirs to check for new Listings.


Example:  -You are looking for Property in Peterborough, Ontario.

                            - Select the Real Estate Agent/Agents who cover that area.

                            - Enter their RSS Feed/Feeds into your Reader/Aggregator.

                       - When a change occurs in the Listings of the                   
           Real Estate Agents you are watching, you will
automatically be notified.                          


To obtain an RSS Feed for one of our Agents:


1.  You will require an RSS Feed Reader/Aggregator capable of reading RSS 2.0 Feeds,
if you already have one skip to item 2, if not, you can obtain a stand-alone Reader from

We recommend FeedReader because it is free, non-commercial,
tested by Microsoft, simple and it will do the job.

Some Browsers will also read Feeds, Netscape 8.0 and Internet Explorer 7.

If you use Google, Yahoo or MSN as your homepage you can use the
buttons to add the Feeds to your homepage.


2.  Click on the   icon beside the Agent of choice in our Real Estate Agents page,
Feeds are also available directly from their Web Site homepage.


Listing Watch will allow you to customize a Feed to watch any Town/City.


3.  A page will display with the Feed Address for the Agent or Location you selected,
follow the directions on that page to insert the feed into your Reader/Aggregator.


Note: The Browsers mentioned above will detect the RSS Feeds automatically
 from our Agent List, Agent's homepage and Location Feed pages.


You will now automatically and instantly be notified whenever there are changes
to our Real Estate Listings, updates also occur at 1 week intervals.

Change notifications given on: 

- New Listing

- Price Change

- Description Change

- Sold Listing

- Rented Listing

 - Removed Listing



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